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Relive your school days in this school sports day event, from egg and spoon relays to sack races. This event is sure to bring lots of laughter, fun and team work.

Teams must register at Didsbury Sports Ground at 5:30pm ready for a 6:00pm start.
Playing Fairly
Teams must be no more than 6 players and must be of a mixed gender.
Egg and Spoon
Competitors race individually in the manner of a relay race. If the egg falls from the spoon then competitors must return to the start to continue in the race.

You may hold onto the egg until the race begins. When the race judge says get ready on your mark, you are to line up on the start line and, are not allowed at this time to be touching your eggs. When you hear GO! you run to the finish line. If the egg falls from the spoon then you must go back to the start line and join the back of the queue. The first 3 from any team to cross the finish line with their egg still on the spoon will be the winners. It is generally regarded as cheating to stick the egg to the spoon with anything to help hold it in place or to hold on to it with one's finger.
Sack Race
First person in team pulls the sack over both feet and holds about waist to mid-chest height. Race starts when announcer shouts ‘GO’ and first person hops toward the cone and goes all the way around it and hops back. The first team to all hop round the cone and pass the finish line WINS! Remember:
  1. Both feet must remain in the sack at all times.
  2. At least one hand must be on the sack at all times.
  3. The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and cannot fall below the knees.
Three Legged Race
  1. Divide teams into pairs, matching team members of similar height and build.
  2. Have each player stand next to their partner and put their arm around their partner's waist.
  3. The partners' inside legs should be touching and tied together.
  4. At the adjudicators signal, the first pair run as fast as they can to the cone and return to the second pair who will then place the tie round their legs and go, until all 3 pairs from each team have gone.
  5. The winners are the team who crosses the finishing line first.
Bean Bag Race
  1. One person from each team will start by balancing a bean bag on their head and wait at the start line.
  2. Once the race begins with ‘go’ each of the participants (one at a time) will do walking lunges to the cone turning point and back without letting the bean bag fall off. If the bean bag falls off the participants head they must go back to the start and place the bag back on their head.
  3. The first team to successfully have each person go to the end and back wins. If the bean bag falls or they have to stabilise it with their hand, that person has to start over again.
  4. Once you have returned to the start line sit down behind the rest of your team so that we know you are done.
  5. When handing over the bean bag it must be once you are over the finish line.
Relay Race
  1. Teams spilt into 2 groups of 3. The first group of 3 wait at the start line and the other at the 100m mark (finish line).
  2. Each group must be given a number from 1 to 6. This is the order they will run with the baton.
  3. Person number 1 at the start line begins with the baton. The race will begin with ‘go’ and person number 1 will run as fast as they can to person number 2 passing the baton. The baton must be passed from one hand to another. If it is dropped they will have to pick it up as quickly as possible and carry on.
  4. The winners are the team that complete the relay the quickest.
  5. When each person has ran their 100m they should sit down.
  • Each of the above events will be ranked from 1st place to 10th place.
  • If you come 1st you will receive 1 point, if you come 2nd you will receive 2 points and so on.
  • Your points for each event will be added together at the end of the challenge, and the team with the lowest combined score will be the winners.
  • Didsbury Sports Ground, Ford Lane, Didsbury, M20 2RU
  • 5th June 2019
  • 17:30 - 21:30
  • 07442 507 601


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