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a list of our frequently asked questions
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1Why enter the Didsbury Business Games?
We commit a lot of our time to work and getting to and from work so we wanted to help people to find a way of having some fun and getting some exercise.

Apart from that we were also aiming to build business relations, get some healthy local completion going and most importantly do something for a good cause which is why money raised during the event will be donated to The Christie.
2How do I get started?
1. Spread the word around your company and select a squad who will be able to represent you over the course of the games.

2. Look for people who will particularly suit the different events we are running and make sure they are free on the dates of the events that will suit them.

3. Find and choose a leader who will represent your team, show the company in a good light and be an ambassador of fair play and good will.

4. Get organised. Meet to discuss and plan events. Not just participating but get to each location, then if possible get some practice in.
3What is the gender split?
We would love to have an equal split across our teams however this may not always be possible.

Mixed Gender needs to be a minimum of one female unless it states in the event rules minimum two females! So in some games you could have more females than males or, vice versa, more males than females. Remember different people will bring different talents to each event so check out our event schedule first.
4How do I get people involved?
Well how do you communicate best as a company, email, social media or sat down having a cup of tea, you choose.

Just let people know that there will be lots of fun to be had and how much money we could be making for a fantastic charity.

Please be sure to let people know about commitment of time and make sure they are ready for some action.
5When can I register?
You can register now, to do this click here, register your team and you have reserved your place, your place will be confirmed when you have paid your £100 registration fee.

Further details will be sent in your welcome email once registered.
6What else do I need to know about the games?
Updates on the 2018 events will be posted shortly including rules, scoring system and how you can raise money for The Christie during the event.

You can email us now on


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