Short Tennis and Bowls | Didsbury Business Games

To score more points than your opponent by landing your two bowls within the target zone.

Teams need to register at the Albert Club from 17:30 onwards ready for a 18:00 start.

Things to Remember
  • The bowling green is a ‘crown’ green, therefore it’s not completely flat!
  • To make things that little bit more interesting, the bowls have a bias, so they’ll naturally roll to the left or the right depending on which way you hold it. But don’t worry, there’ll be a short practice period at the start of the competition and your team is more than welcome to come down to the club for a practice in the run up to the event!
There will be a bar available on the night with 20% off non-member prices for anyone wearing a DBG t-shirt, food will also be available on the night to purchase.
Playing Fairly
Flat shoes/trainers must be worn at all times on the green, heals will not be permitted.
  • Each bowling team will consist of 3 players (min of 1 male and 1 female).
  • Each team will play a match against every other team.
  • Each match will consist of three rounds. A different player must be used for each round.
  • In each round the players will take it in turns to roll a bowl towards the target.
  • Each player will roll two bowls.
  • The target will consist of 5 rings with scoring zones from 5 pts to 50 pts.
  • The player who scores the most points in each round will win 1 match point for the leader board.
  • If teams draw a round each team will receive half a point.
  • In each match a maximum of 3 points can be won by each team.
  • At the end of the competition the team with the most points will be crowned champions.
Bonus Points
  • Highest point score by one team in a single match.
  • Highest total cumulative team score across all matches.
  • 9-41 Old Lansdowne Rd, Manchester, M20 2PA
  • 8th May 2019
  • 17:30 - 21:30
  • 0161 445 1056